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🔵 Eastlake BBA Weekly (Sunday, April 9, 2023)

🔵 Eastlake BBA Weekly (Sunday, April 9, 2023)

Resentment is the “number one” offender. It destroys more alcoholics than anything else. From it stem all forms of spiritual disease, for we have been not only mentally and physically ill, we have been spiritually sick. When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically. In dealing with resentments, we set them on paper. We listed people, institutions or principles with whom we were angry. We asked ourselves why we were angry. In most cases it was found that our self-esteem, our pocketbooks, our ambitions, our personal relationships (including sex) were hurt or threatened. So we were sore. We were “burned up.” –Alcoholics Anonymous

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Here's what is new at Eastlake Big Book Awakening:


💙 Experience, Strength and Hope (Bill R.)

In episode #80, Bill R. shares how his father started drinking hard when he was nine. During his alcoholic rage, his father took it out on him. That's when fear reared its ugly head in his life, and Bill lived in fear for a long time. Drugs and alcohol distracted him from the fear. "If I was enjoying my drinking then I was not controlling it. And I was out of control for many years."


Sunday Nights at 7 PM (ZOOM)

Tonight, Sunday, April 9, come and join us as Marie shares on Step Four: Columns 3 + Realizations.

Where: https://zoom.us/j/898466559?pwd=bvfatdnxeuc3ae5rnzywu2zaq3p0ut09
Meeting ID: 898 466 559
Password: eastlake

Monday Nights at 7 PM (Eastlake Church)
Join us as we share a "word, line or phrase from the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Eastlake Church
(Student Commons)
990 Lane Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91914

Note: When you pull into the parking lot, drive straight to the back. After you park, walk towards the "Student Commons Patio" to find the door for our meeting space.

Doors open at 6:45 PM

"May God bless you and keep you—until then."

–Eastlake BBA