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πŸ”΅ Eastlake BBA Weekly (Sunday, March 17, 2024)

πŸ”΅ Eastlake BBA Weekly (Sunday, March 17, 2024)


Here's what's new at Eastlake Big Book Awakening:


πŸ’™ More About Alcoholism, page 42 (Patty)

In episode #123, Patty continues the Big Book Awakening series by reading Chapter 3, More About Alcoholism, page 42, top paragraph.

"They had said that though I did raise a defense, it would one day give way before some trivial reason for having a drink. Well, just that did happen and more, for what I had learned of alcoholism did not occur to me at all. I knew from that moment that I had an alcoholic mind. I saw that will power and self-knowledge would not help in those strange mental blank spots. I had never been able to understand people who said that a problem had them hopelessly defeated. I knew then. It was a crushing blow."


Sunday Nights at 7 PM (ZOOM)

Tonight, Sunday, March 17, join us as Maria continues the Big Book Awakening series by reading from Bill's Story, page 12, Paragraph #5: "Thus was I convinced that God is concerned with us humans when we want Him enough. At long last I saw, I felt, I believed. Scales of pride and prejudice fell from my eyes. A new world came into view."

Where: https://zoom.us/j/898466559?pwd=bvfatdnxeuc3ae5rnzywu2zaq3p0ut09
Meeting ID: 898 466 559
Password: eastlake

Monday Nights at 7 PM (Eastlake Church)

On Monday, March 18, join us as We continue the Big Book Awakening series by reading from Chapter 4, We Agnostics, page 44. "To one who feels he is an atheist or agnostic such an experience seems impossible, but to continue as he is means disaster, especially if he is an alcoholic of the hopeless variety. To be doomed to an alcoholic death or to live on a spiritual basis are not always easy alternatives to face."

Eastlake Church
(Student Commons)
990 Lane Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91914

Note: When you pull into the parking lot, drive straight to the back. After you park, walk toward the "Student Commons Patio" to find the door for our meeting space.

Doors open at 6:45 PM

"May God bless you and keep youβ€”until then."

–Eastlake BBA